35 Awesome Things You Can Make For Your Pet

6 Braided Toy

Braided Toy6. Braided Toy: To make this great toy for your dog I used, 12 strings t-shirt yarn from about 1,2 yard long. You divide the string in four parts from 3 strings and start the scoubidou technic, one I did with the round technic and one with the straight technic When you want to see the full explanation (via LVLY)

7 Dog Scarf

Dog Scarf7. Dog Scarf: Keep your pooch looking stylish & warm on those chilly evening walks with this easy no-sew DIY dog scarf. All the other dogs in the hood will be jealous! (via Pretty Fluffy)

8 The Bunny Tunnel

The Bunny Tunnel8. The Bunny Tunnel: Ive been looking for a decent rabbit tunnel for as long as Ive had Pip. I trawled the internet and the pound shops looking at cat tunnels, bunny warrens, rabbit toys and kids play tunnels, but… (via New Bunny Diaries)

9 Princess Dog Bed

Princess Dog Bed9. Princess Dog Bed (via Do It Yourself Fun Ideas)

10 Cat Bow Tie

Cat Bow Tie10. Cat Bow Tie: I was browsing reddit recently and came across a topic about cats wearing ties in an office. I’d say the majority of the responses were either yay! c… (via Instructables)

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