35 Awesome Things You Can Make For Your Pet

31 Pet Bowl Stand

Pet Bowl Stand31. Pet Bowl Stand: As I mentioned several weeks ago, as a birthday present for my daughter we adopted a sweet gray tabby kitten and we named her Coco-Nut. Shes quickly become a beloved member of the family, the first thing the kids ask me when I pick them up from school is What did Coco do today? Like (via Centsational Girl)

32 Crocheted Mouse Toy For A Kitty

Crocheted Mouse Toy For A Kitty32. Crocheted Mouse Toy For A Kitty (via Annemarie’s Brei Blog)

33 Comfy Dog Kennel Bed

Comfy Dog Kennel Bed33. Comfy Dog Kennel Bed: My dog, Mac, spends about 10-12 hours at night in his kennel (it’s OK – he likes it) – so I want it to be a comfortable place for him to be. Mac’s old… (via Instructables)

34 Handmade Catnip Mice

Handmade Catnip Mice34. Handmade Catnip Mice: Did your lil kitty get everything her heart desired over the holidays? If you’ve got extra time to kill or think your pal could use an extra toy to kill check out these one-of-a-kind catnip mice. Wouldn’t you rather see this laying around (via PopSugar)

35 Country Gent Tweed Dog Coat

Country Gent Tweed Dog Coat35. Country Gent Tweed Dog Coat (via Make)

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