35 Awesome Things You Can Make For Your Pet

11 Modern Pet Crate Coffee Table

Modern Pet Crate Coffee Table11. Modern Pet Crate Coffee Table: HGTV blogger Erin Loechner demonstrates how to combine a modern pet crate and coffee table into one. (via HGTV)

12 Crocheted Cat Bed

Crocheted Cat Bed12. Crocheted Cat Bed (via Eilen Tein)

13 Chic Pet Bed

Chic Pet Bed13. Chic Pet Bed: inspiration realisation realization diy fashion blog (via Inspiration & Realisation)

14 Gumball Machine Fish Tank

Gumball Machine Fish Tank14. Gumball Machine Fish Tank: What says ‘I love you’ better than the gift of a pet goldfish? I know it’s not a fuzzy little kitten or a tiny soft puppy but it is a lot easier to ta… (via Instructables)

15 Distressed Gingerbread Man Cat Toys

Distressed Gingerbread Man Cat Toys15. Distressed Gingerbread Man Cat Toys: Looking for a fun and inexpensive new set of toys for your kitties? How about some distressed, catnip filled gingerbread men? (via Dream a Little Bigger)

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