35 Awesome Things You Can Make For Your Pet

26 Natural Frozen Dog Treats

Natural Frozen Dog Treats26. Natural Frozen Dog Treats (via 17 Apart)

27 Cat Hammocks

Cat Hammocks27. Cat Hammocks: People love watching cats hanging out in hammocks and cats just love being in a hammock. You can easily make them yourself. Why not make several hammocks to donate to a local animal rescue or shelter? (via Hub Pages)

28 Dog Bowl

Dog Bowl28. Dog Bowl: Recently, I bought a wood burning kit and I’ve been experimenting with different techniques! I thrifted some wood bowls recently. These easy doggie bowls were a good first project. Here’s what I did… 1. Supplies: Wooden bowls, wood burning tool, letter stickers. 2. Begin by applying stickers to the outside of the bowl. Be very careful, making sure they line up perfectly. 3. Next, begin tracing the stickers with the… (via A Beautiful Mess)

29 Automatic Cat Feeder

Automatic Cat Feeder29. Automatic Cat Feeder: Problem: Yoshi was gorging himself on cat food from his gravity-powered feeder, gaining a lot of weight even on weight-loss formula food, and even vom… (via Instructables)

30 Cat Bed Basket

Cat Bed Basket30. Cat Bed Basket (via iHanna’s Blog)

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