35 Awesome Things You Can Make For Your Pet

21 Patchwork Pet Bed

Patchwork Pet Bed21. Patchwork Pet Bed: We’ve got a new puppy named Dizzy calling our apartment home, and were in need of a snuggly, pet-specific place for her to hang out and snooze. We’re also on a budget (and obedience school wasn’t cheap), so we didn’t want to spend a lot of money. So we hit the thrift stores for some wool sweaters, dug an old pillow out of the linen closet, and stitched together a colorful patchwork bed for her. If you’ve got basic sewings skills and an afternoon to spare, you too can make your four-legged friend the happiest dog or cat on the block. (via Apartment Therapy)

22 Cardboard Cat Rocket

Cardboard Cat Rocket22. Cardboard Cat Rocket: There’s nothing in this world that makes my cats happier than a good old fashioned cardboard box. So, taking a cue from them, I designed a cat tree that turns four regular cardboard boxes into a fl… (via Make)

23 Cat Bed from Old Table

Cat Bed from Old Table23. Cat Bed from Old Table (via Ki Nassauer Style)

24 Pet Pouches

Pet Pouches24. Pet Pouches (via the b-line)

25 Dog Ties

Dog Ties25. Dog Ties (via Sweet Peach)

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