35 Insanely Genius Ideas to Create Space for Your Room

16 Pop Bottle Top Hangers

Pop Bottle Top Hangers16. Pop Bottle Top Hangers (via Idea Bottle)

17 T-Shirt Filing System

T-Shirt Filing System17. T-Shirt Filing System (via A Little Bite of Everything)

18 Use hanging glass bulbs for storing office supplies

Use hanging glass bulbs for storing office supplies18. Use hanging glass bulbs for storing office supplies: Everyday household items can be used in more ways than you think. Here are some unexpected items that provide perfect storage space. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

19 Mounted Shoe Rack

Mounted Shoe Rack19. Mounted Shoe Rack: Awesome easy DIY tips for maximizing closet space and turning a spare room into a guest room including chair rail/shoe display and more! (via DIY Show Off)

20 Shoe Magic Cabinet

Shoe Magic Cabinet20. Shoe Magic Cabinet: I have very seldom praised products on this platform which I haven’t tested out myself. The first, and perhaps only time I did do such a thing, it turned out quite well; the360 Electrical Powercur… (via Live Simply by Annie)

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