45 Awesome DIY Back to School Project Tutorials

26 Mason Jar Caddies

Mason Jar Caddies26. Mason Jar Caddies: Your child will get a gold star with this adorable back to school teacher gift – a mason jar caddy holding vintage blue mason jars full of supplies and sweets! (via Shaken Together)

27 Roll-Up Pencil Kit

Roll-Up Pencil Kit27. Roll-Up Pencil Kit: Our organizer safely keeps pencils together in one place and rolls up, too, making it compact enough to tote to school and back. (via Martha Stewart)

28 Stamped Pencils

Stamped Pencils28. Stamped Pencils: Does anyone else remember the excitement of back-to-school as vividly as I do? Butterflies in your stomach, brand new school supplies ready to go, and a crisp wardrobe (or freshly …read more (via Camille Styles)

29 Apple Pencil Holder

Apple Pencil Holder29. Apple Pencil Holder: Back to School Apple It is back to school season and we at Smart School House are happy to bring you all things apple inspired! (via Smart School House)

30 Decorated Pencils

Decorated Pencils30. Decorated Pencils: The secret to overcoming writer’s block is a pencil so marvelous that you can’t help but pick it up and start scribbling. (via Martha Stewart)

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