45 Awesome DIY Back to School Project Tutorials

41 Tree-Bark Pen Holder

Tree-Bark Pen Holder41. Tree-Bark Pen Holder: Naturally curling bark fits around cups to create stylish pen and pencil holders. (via Martha Stewart)

42 Backpack Tag

Backpack Tag42. Backpack Tag: I can’t believe summer is coming to an end and I have to share my son with someone else… no one prepares a new mom for sending her precious first child off to school, knowing he’ll never be fully yours again. I was the one who held him when he cried and cuddled him when he needed it; will his new (via Lolly Jane)

43 Hankie Holder

Hankie Holder43. Hankie Holder: Stitching a few school supplies and stylish accessories is a cinch when you use wool felt because the edges won’t fray. And since this project doesn’t require a lot of fabric, it’s perfect for using up scraps and stray buttons. (via Martha Stewart)

44 Laptop Stand for Bed

Laptop Stand for Bed44. Laptop Stand for Bed: Make a simple but incredibly useful Laptop Stand for around $15 and 30-60 minutes! Great for use in bed while typing, browsing, and especially watching movies. When I use my laptop in bed, it’s often uncomfortable. I have to balance the laptop on my lap and sit up, or on my chest when laying down. This laptop stand makes both laying and sitting laptop use a whole lot more comfortable, and it’s simple to make… about $15 and 30 minutes. Let’s do it! (via jumpfroggy)

45 Messenger Bag

Messenger Bag45. Messenger Bag: This sturdy, waterproof, and stain-resistant bag takes full advantage of the many virtues of oilcloth — an ingenious and inexpensive vinyl-permeated cotton-mesh fabric that’s available in various colors and patterns. What’s more, once you’ve assembled the required materials, this stylish accessory takes only about ten minutes to make. (via Martha Stewart)

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