45 Awesome DIY Back to School Project Tutorials

21 Owl Backpack

Owl Backpack21. Owl Backpack: Martha and crafter Jamie Irene make adorable felted animal backpacks. (via Martha Stewart)

22 Alphabet Necklace

Alphabet Necklace22. Alphabet Necklace: Practice your ABCs with a D&G inspired alphabet necklace. Randomly space letters, spell out words, or even spell out your name for a bold and modern take on the nameplate necklace. Its easy to change the letters on the chains, so no choice is final! (via Runway DIY)

23 Ribbon Bookmarks

Ribbon Bookmarks23. Ribbon Bookmarks (via The Partiologist)

24 Woven Pouches

Woven Pouches24. Woven Pouches: A set of woven pouches can keep electronic devices such as cameras and MP3 players (at left) safe inside your bag. Each has an attractive scalloped edge — no finishing required. Each can be made by stitching 2 square or rectangular swatches back-to-back. If you want to make a makeup case, that requires a third rectangle for a closing flap. (via Martha Stewart)

25 Chalkboard Placemats

Chalkboard Placemats25. Chalkboard Placemats: Chalkboards may no longer have a place in the classroom, but they are still a quintessential school symbol. I’ve teamed up with some creative bloggers for a Back to School Blog Hop with 10 Chalkboard Ideas. Oh, and a giveaway from DecoArt too… (via Giggles Galore)

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