45 Awesome DIY Back to School Project Tutorials

36 Recycled Soda Bottle Apple Containers

Recycled Soda Bottle Apple Containers36. Recycled Soda Bottle Apple Containers: Crafts from recycled materials are great for the earth and your pocketbook. Make these zippy apples by upcycling plastic soda bottles into spill-proof containers. (via Love the Country)

37 Lacing Bookmarks

Lacing Bookmarks37. Lacing Bookmarks: It’s back-to-school for the little ones and for us that means a lot of reading! We decided to create a couple of fun lacing bookmarks to accompany our daily ready routine. (via Handmade Charlotte)

38 Decorate Your Pencils with Washi Tape

Decorate Your Pencils with Washi Tape38. Decorate Your Pencils with Washi Tape (via The Pink Doormat)

39 Marbleized Pencils

Marbleized Pencils39. Marbleized Pencils: Take poetic license with a box of ordinary pencils, and dress them up in complementary shades.Begin your project by learning how to marbleize paper.Once marbleized paper has dried, cut into strips (about 1 by 6 3/4 inches). Brush the back of a strip of marbleized paper with white craft glue; affix one long edge of paper to the pencil, then roll it against a hard surface to wrap the pencil and remove air bubbles.Sharpen the pencils once the glue has dried. (via Martha Stewart)

40 Heart Shaped Paperclips

Heart Shaped Paperclips40. Heart Shaped Paperclips (via Novelty and Chevron)

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