50 Adorable DIY Projects You Can Make With Clothespins

46 Clothespin Creatures

Clothespin Creatures46. Clothespin Creatures (via Estefi Machado)

47 Clothes Pin Letters

Clothes Pin Letters47. Clothes Pin Letters: Summer is coming, FAST! I cant wait. I love when the kiddos are out for the summer. I know it sounds a little funny but I really love just being home together as a family. No where to go, no real schedule. JUST. US. Now don’t get me wrong, the first week everyone is home (via 7 Alive)

48 Airplane Party Favors

Airplane Party Favors48. Airplane Party Favors (via Where Your Treasure Is)

49 Refrigerator Magnet Organizer

Refrigerator Magnet Organizer49. Refrigerator Magnet Organizer: I dreamed up these DIY refrigerator magnet organizers as a way to declutter the refrigerator door. Chances are you have most of the materials for this little project already. (via Momtastic)

50 Clothespin Zoo

Clothespin Zoo50. Clothespin Zoo (via Estefi Machado)

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