50 Adorable DIY Projects You Can Make With Clothespins

31 Elephant Gift Topper

Elephant Gift Topper31. Elephant Gift Topper (via A Casarella)

32 Little Critters Mini Clothespin Magnets

Little Critters Mini Clothespin Magnets32. Little Critters Mini Clothespin Magnets: I created these cute Mini Clothespin magnets for the kids for under $2 and in less then 5 minutes. (via Becoming Martha)

33 Clothespin Candles

Clothespin Candles33. Clothespin Candles: Pinterest is amazing, huh? I see some of the cutest stuff on Pinterest and I love when I get around to trying my own version of these creative ideas. One idea I’ve been wanting to try is making a candle holder out of a tuna can and clothespins…. except I think using a tuna can (via A Smith of All Trades)

34 Clothespin Wreath

Clothespin Wreath34. Clothespin Wreath: A colorful clothespin wreath that can be used for Thanksgiving Decor, made with a wire wreath frame and painted clothespins. (via Grow Creative)

35 Clothespin Napkin Clips

Clothespin Napkin Clips35. Clothespin Napkin Clips: Easy nature craft idea that combines acorns and colorful pom poms, washi tape, and clothespins for a great Fall napkin clip for dress up any table. (via Chica Circle)

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