50 Adorable DIY Projects You Can Make With Clothespins

41 Card Collector

Card Collector41. Card Collector (via Johanna Rundel)

42 Tidy Tights

Tidy Tights42. Tidy Tights: I was cleaning out my closet and was very irritated by the fact that my tights didn’t fit anywhere in the closet. I keep my socks, underwear and stockings in separate boxes in my closet, but my tights just kept piling out of the box. And then I remembered all those tutorials on how (via Lana Red Studio)

43 Clothespin People

Clothespin People43. Clothespin People (via Blitsy)

44 Glittered Clothespin

Glittered Clothespin44. Glittered Clothespin: You guys know that the craft world wouldn’t be complete if glitter didn’t exist. It always adds a little pizazz to whatever you may be working on. Today’s post comes from the talented Rachel of 52 Weeks Project. She shares one project every week all year long! The girl got skill! Take it away, Rachel!…Read More (via Proper)

45 Turkey Napkin Ring

Turkey Napkin Ring45. Turkey Napkin Ring: Create turkey napkin rings for turkey day! Made from artificial flowers and clothespins, this project is great for kids too! (via That’s What Che Said)

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