50 Adorable DIY Projects You Can Make With Clothespins

26 Napkin Holder

Napkin Holder26. Napkin Holder (via Purple Hues and Me)

27 Picture Frame

Picture Frame27. Picture Frame: Make this cool picture frame with an old cabinet door and some clothespins from the dollar store! It couldn’t be easier to display your photographs w/this DIY. (via Mom It Forward)

28 Clothespin Christmas Tree

Clothespin Christmas Tree28. Clothespin Christmas Tree: We placed a reservation for our first ever real Christmas tree from Far East Flora today. A 4+ ft tree is going for S$58.80, if you pick out your tree on November 30 or before that. (via The Bottoms Up Blog)

29 Clothespin Cross

Clothespin Cross29. Clothespin Cross: If you’re looking for unconventional spiritual decor, why not try this cross made only with clothespins? This craft only takes about fifteen minutes and it’s a great project for kids as well. (via Spark & Chemistry)

30 Sunflower Craft

Sunflower Craft30. Sunflower Craft: Discover how you can make a cute sunflower decoration using clothespins, a canning jar lid, and a paint stir stick. (via About Family Crafts)

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