50 Adorable DIY Projects You Can Make With Clothespins

6 Tablecloth Weights

Tablecloth Weights6. Tablecloth Weights: To prepare myself for my dream of getting on #craftwars, I created a practical project using supplies on hand. My practice resulted in these hard-to-lose clips that keep your picnic tablecloth from blowing away. (via Hands Occupied)

7 Washi Tape Clothespin Photo Display

Washi Tape Clothespin Photo Display7. Washi Tape Clothespin Photo Display: Learn how to make washi tape clothespins to use for your Instagram displays! We’ll use iPhone photo prints from PostalPix and other tools. (via Postalpix)

8 Button Clothespin

Button Clothespin8. Button Clothespin: Want more color? Decorate your clothespins with buttons! Ive used medium sized wooden clothespins and attached them with E6000 glue. Real easy! Y DIY Clothespin Magnets Clothespin Tea Light Holder (via Morning Creativity)

9 Lost Sock Keeper

Lost Sock Keeper9. Lost Sock Keeper (via illgetyoumypretties)

10 Cake Topper

Cake Topper10. Cake Topper: Ive been thinking of fun, alternative cake toppers and when I saw this, I thought it would be the perfect thing to turn bridal. They’re so quick and easy to make that you could even make a bunch of them and clip Continue reading (via Brooklyn Bride)

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