50 Creative DIY Toilet Paper Roll Craft Ideas and Tutorials You Need to Try

46 The Art of the Toilet Paper Roll

The Art of the Toilet Paper Roll46. The Art of the Toilet Paper Roll: make art out of toilet paper rolls (via Just a Girl Blog)

47 Wall Decoration

Wall Decoration47. Wall Decoration (via Revolutionaries)

48 Wreath

Wreath48. Wreath: I hope you’ve been saving those toilet paper rolls because this project is fantastic! But I can’t take credit for the brilliant idea, that goes to my friend Tali the architect here, though this design is my own. I’ve had… (via Creative Jewish Mom)

49 Vent/Grate Cover

Vent/Grate Cover49. Vent/Grate Cover (via Lady with the Red Rocker)

50 Faux Metal Wall Art

Faux Metal Wall Art50. Faux Metal Wall Art: Now you have access to the free patterns for the Faux Metal Wall art! Tutorial includes all instructions for making faux metal art out of toilet paper tubes. (via Suzy’s Artsy Craftsy Sitcom)

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