50 Creative DIY Toilet Paper Roll Craft Ideas and Tutorials You Need to Try

31 Fun Activities for the Kids

Fun Activities for the Kids31. Fun Activities for the Kids: Five easy and fun toilet paper roll activities for kids and toddlers. (via Thrive 360 Living)

32 Bee Honeycomb

Bee Honeycomb32. Bee Honeycomb (via Deceptively Educational)

33 Toilet Paper Roll Castles

Toilet Paper Roll Castles33. Toilet Paper Roll Castles: Learn how to make a castle toilet paper roll craft for kids. (via Crafty Morning)

34 Decorative Music Notes

Decorative Music Notes34. Decorative Music Notes (via Revolutionaries)

35 Toilet Paper Tube Snake

Toilet Paper Tube Snake35. Toilet Paper Tube Snake: True story: this weekend my husband was sitting at the computer and my son walks up to him with his arms full of a giant wad of toilet paper with a 15-foot tail trailing behind him. It was one of … (via Cheap Crafty Mama)

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