50 Creative DIY Toilet Paper Roll Craft Ideas and Tutorials You Need to Try

36 Recycled Toilet Roll Curtain

Recycled Toilet Roll Curtain36. Recycled Toilet Roll Curtain (via Todo Siempre Sirve)

37 Simple Apple Craft

Simple Apple Craft37. Simple Apple Craft: I warned you I am crazy about apples right now, I cant help it as more kids head back-to-school apples jump to my mind ! This week wont all be apple themed here but over at my FamilyEducation blog it is. So if you are looking for more ideas check it out! This craft is (via No time for Flash Cards)

38 Book Page Pillow Boxes

Book Page Pillow Boxes38. Book Page Pillow Boxes: It feels as if there are countless gift giving opportunities in the spring: Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Teacher Appreciation, Graduation and all of the birthdays! I’m not sure about you but I like to give gifts to more than just my mom and mother-in-law on Mothers Day. I like to include my sisters, sisters-in-law, friends (via The Gunny Sack)

39 Starting a Garden with Seedlings in Toilet Paper Rolls

Starting a Garden with Seedlings in Toilet Paper Rolls39. Starting a Garden with Seedlings in Toilet Paper Rolls: Use our seven steps to starting a garden by growing seedlings in toilet paper rolls for a free, biodegradable way to get some green in your life. (via Organic Authority)

40 Make a Heart Stamp

Make a Heart Stamp40. Make a Heart Stamp (via Rust and Sunshine)

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