50 Creative DIY Toilet Paper Roll Craft Ideas and Tutorials You Need to Try

41 Door Frame Decor

Door Frame Decor41. Door Frame Decor (via Love People. Like Things)

42 Toilet Paper Roll Wreath

Toilet Paper Roll Wreath42. Toilet Paper Roll Wreath (via Proverbs 31 Life)

43 Faux Iron Wreath

Faux Iron Wreath43. Faux Iron Wreath (via Страната отвъд дъгата)

44 Faux Brass Wall Clock

Faux Brass Wall Clock44. Faux Brass Wall Clock: I redecorated my study about a year ago, painting the walls a deep gold and adding a whole wall of bookshelves in a dark wood. The study is where I spend a (via Suzy’s Artsy Craftsy Sitcom)

45 Turquoise Toilet Paper Roll Art

Turquoise Toilet Paper Roll Art45. Turquoise Toilet Paper Roll Art (via The How-To Gal)

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