50 Creative LEGO DIY Storage Project Ideas

46 Crafty Canisters

Crafty Canisters46. Crafty Canisters (via Color Me Kinder)

47 LEGO Closet

LEGO Closet47. LEGO Closet (via Naptime Notebook)

48 Under the Bed Tray

Under the Bed Tray48. Under the Bed Tray (via Making Montessori Ours)

49 Plastic Drawers Lego Table

Plastic Drawers Lego Table49. Plastic Drawers Lego Table (via Our Wee Family)

50 Lack Lego Playtable with undertable storage

Lack Lego Playtable with undertable storage50. Lack Lego Playtable with undertable storage: Materials: Lack Coffee table Size 11878 cm My two sons love to play with Lego, but the bricks always end up all over to floor and it becomes very difficult to locate the smaller pieces when building new stuff. So it turns out that the large Lack coffee table is perfect for a Lego play (via IKEA Hacker)

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