50 Creative LEGO DIY Storage Project Ideas

21 LEGO Wall

LEGO Wall21. LEGO Wall: I think I spend a lot of time these days figuring out how to copy things I see on Pinterest. When I saw a neat Lego wall, I was determined to do something similar in Luke’s room. This was such an easy project. The hardest part was spelling out his name with mini Lego pieces! (via Dukes and Duchesses)

22 Labeled Transparent Plastic Containers

Labeled Transparent Plastic Containers22. Labeled Transparent Plastic Containers (via Boy Mama Teacher Mama)

23 Plastic Drawers Sorted by Color

Plastic Drawers Sorted by Color23. Plastic Drawers Sorted by Color (via iHeart Organizing)

24 The Ultimate Lego Organizer

The Ultimate Lego Organizer24. The Ultimate Lego Organizer: The Ultimate Lego Organizer: This unit I built for my boys’ Lego collection is very handy and super organized! (via HoneyBear Lane)

25 LEGO Closet with Built-in Shelves

LEGO Closet with Built-in Shelves25. LEGO Closet with Built-in Shelves (via Learn 2 Play)

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