50 Creative LEGO DIY Storage Project Ideas

31 Portable LEGO Tray

Portable LEGO Tray31. Portable LEGO Tray (via That’s My Letter)

32 LEGO Tray Playstation

LEGO Tray Playstation32. LEGO Tray Playstation: This shop has been compensated by #CollectiveBias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. We hope you enjoy how we use #TargetToys in our DI (via Jade Louise Designs)

33 Portable Solution for LEGO Storage

Portable Solution for LEGO Storage33. Portable Solution for LEGO Storage: If you’re a parent to an elementary age (or older) kid, you know that LEGOS are a common sight around the house; on the dining room table, on the floor, on the coffee table; on just about every table in the house. My son loves to build where the family is; he’s not crazy about going to a “LEGO table” in the corner of the house; so I needed to come up with a solution to our LEGO problem, to save our sanity, our organization, and the bottom of our feet. (via Apartment Therapy)

34 Travel LEGO Box

Travel LEGO Box34. Travel LEGO Box: This Lego box is great for the kid on the go. Put a few of his favorite legos in the box and keep them all in once place in the car! (via Cherished Bliss)

35 Old Table Makeover

Old Table Makeover35. Old Table Makeover (via Fussy Monkey Business)

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