50 Creative LEGO DIY Storage Project Ideas

11 How to Organize LEGO Instruction Booklets

How to Organize LEGO Instruction Booklets11. How to Organize LEGO Instruction Booklets: If you have kids, then you probably have Legos. And if you have Legos, then you probably have Lego instruction books floating around your house, getting bent and torn and lost. I have a solution for you! I have four kids, and massive amounts of Lego sets, so my husband and I came up with (via Make Life Lovely)

12 The Craft Organizer

The Craft Organizer12. The Craft Organizer: I figured out how to organize Legos and solved my Lego disaster area with a craft cart from Micheals. Found a great way for Legos to stay off the floor. (via Harrington Harmonies)

13 LEGO Themed Display Shelves

LEGO Themed Display Shelves13. LEGO Themed Display Shelves (via Snapguide)

14 Printer Tray Organizer

Printer Tray Organizer14. Printer Tray Organizer (via mondocherry)

15 Mini-Figure Storage

Mini-Figure Storage15. Mini-Figure Storage: Create your own DIY Lego Mini figure storage. This makes a wonderful display piece while still making all of those mini figures accessible to little hands! (via Clean and Scentsible)

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