50 Creative LEGO DIY Storage Project Ideas

36 Modern LEGO Table

Modern LEGO Table36. Modern LEGO Table (via Things Imagined)

37 Storage drawers are perfect for color-sorting legos

Storage drawers are perfect for color-sorting legos37. Storage drawers are perfect for color-sorting legos (via Jones Design Company)

38 Homemade Lego Storage Container

Homemade Lego Storage Container38. Homemade Lego Storage Container (via obSEUSSed)

39 Under the Bed Storage

Under the Bed Storage39. Under the Bed Storage: Lego storage – I LOVE playing Lego with my Kids but having to dig through a huge bucket to find what I need was driving me nuts. So I built a Lego storage unit on casters to roll under their bed. (via Daniel Sicolo Blog)

40 IKEA Hack LEGO Table

IKEA Hack LEGO Table40. IKEA Hack LEGO Table: There are SO many awesome ideas for Lego tables out there, and yet despite all the Legomaniacs in our house we have never had one! The boys mostly build with Legos on the floor, but when I saw this idea on Pinterest to create a Lego table from IKEA Trofast shelves, I knew it would…Read More (via Frugal Fun for Boys)

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