50 DIY Floating Shelves that Looks Modern and Have Good Storage

46 Small Floating Shelf and Desk

Small Floating Shelf and Desk46. Small Floating Shelf and Desk (via Floating Shelf)

47 Walnut Floating Shelf Sink Vanity

Walnut Floating Shelf Sink Vanity47. Walnut Floating Shelf Sink Vanity: Want to build your very own awesome walnut floating shelf sink vanity with a vessel sink? Well then this is the tutorial for you. (via House Updated)

48 Simple Low-Tech Wall Shelf

Simple Low-Tech Wall Shelf48. Simple Low-Tech Wall Shelf: Lots of kitchens have a little wall space that would be perfect for a storage or display shelf. Plenty of bathrooms do too. We wanted to design a shelf that anyone with basic tools could build. This shelf is a great project for a beginning woodworker, and since its so easy to adapt to different uses, a more advanced DIYer can have a lot of fun customizing it. (via The Family Handyman)

49 Pallet Wood Floating Shelves

Pallet Wood Floating Shelves49. Pallet Wood Floating Shelves (via Paints Peckled Pawprints)

50 Simple Floating Shelf

Simple Floating Shelf50. Simple Floating Shelf: How to build a floating shelf under the television or anywhere you need one. Step by step instructions for building a custom shelf to add to any space at home. (via Refresh Restyle)

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