50 DIY Floating Shelves that Looks Modern and Have Good Storage

11 Chunky Floating Kitchen Shelves

Chunky Floating Kitchen Shelves11. Chunky Floating Kitchen Shelves: This post has been on the back burner because I needed time to think about how it all came together. But this is very satisfying to post because about 100 people have asked questions about and begged for the details of how exactly we made and installed our floating (via Preparing for Peanut(s))

12 Floating Shelves and Desk for a Bedroom

Floating Shelves and Desk for a Bedroom12. Floating Shelves and Desk for a Bedroom: DIY Floating Shelves and Desk. All the details. (via Tatertots and Jello)

13 Big, Hunky and Strong Shelves

Big, Hunky and Strong Shelves13. Big, Hunky and Strong Shelves: Without a doubt, the most important component of our workshop will be – scratch that,is – the ability for heavy-duty storage. For almost two years, we’ve been tripping over power tools and our bulky air compressor, wading through paint cans (only to realize the can we need is at the bottom of a (via Yellow Brick Home)

14 Rustic Style Floating Shelves

Rustic Style Floating Shelves14. Rustic Style Floating Shelves (via GnHWoodCrafters)

15 Semi Floating Shelves

Semi Floating Shelves15. Semi Floating Shelves (via Loft and Cottage)

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