50 DIY Floating Shelves that Looks Modern and Have Good Storage

6 Hanging Rope Shelf

Hanging Rope Shelf6. Hanging Rope Shelf: This super simple DIY hanging rope shelf functions as a great little catch-all. It looks great and it’s super easy to make using this tutorial. (via The Home Depot Blog)

7 Floating Wall Shelf

Floating Wall Shelf7. Floating Wall Shelf: This versatile cherry shelf goes together in a few hours, and with a quick-drying finish you can have it on the wall in a day. The extra-wide top makes it perfect for vases, antiques and collectibles. (via The Family Handyman)

8 Minimalist Floating Shelves

Minimalist Floating Shelves8. Minimalist Floating Shelves: These books seem to float in mid air on your wall, while really they are mounted on unique shelves by Umbra, invisibly attached to the wall with an included bracket. These wall mounted shelves are made from MDF and can support a maximum weight of 4 kg. Keep in mind that books should be loaded (via Busyboo)

9 Re-purpose Rain Gutters Shelves

Re-purpose Rain Gutters Shelves9. Re-purpose Rain Gutters Shelves (via Sunshine on the Inside)

10 Corner Floating Shelves

Corner Floating Shelves10. Corner Floating Shelves: Were making good progress with my oldest sons bedroom makeover. Planks are up and painted, new closet doors have been ordered and Im off to pick up some vintage school pieces I (via 4 Men 1 Lady)

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