50 Extraordinary Beautiful DIY Paper Decoration Ideas

16 Pretty Paper Fans

Pretty Paper Fans16. Pretty Paper Fans (via Rock n Roll Bride)

17 Paper Star Medallions

Paper Star Medallions17. Paper Star Medallions: Use wrapping paper to make DIY paper star medallion decorations for your New Years party, Wedding, or everyday celebration. (via The Elli Blog)

18 Recyclable Paper Christmas Wreath

Recyclable Paper Christmas Wreath18. Recyclable Paper Christmas Wreath: My partner hates the consumerism of Christmas, to the point that I’m lucky we even have a Christmas tree! To make up for that purchase however, I vowed to never spend money on any more Christmas related decorations – but to be somewhat sneaky and crafty, I realized I could still make decorations at no (via ecoempire)

19 Origami Dresses

Origami Dresses19. Origami Dresses (via Craft and Creativity)

20 Paper Dahlia Wreath

Paper Dahlia Wreath20. Paper Dahlia Wreath: Spring, oh spring! Where have you gone!? Last week we had some gorgeous days in the 70s and this weekend we got a foot of snow! What the heck!? Come back to me, spring! In an effort to encourage spring weather to come back to me I decided to make my very first spring wreath! (via Love, Pomegranate House)

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