50 Extraordinary Beautiful DIY Paper Decoration Ideas

6 Paper Heart Wall Decor

Paper Heart Wall Decor6. Paper Heart Wall Decor (via One O DIY)

7 Paper Hydrangea

Paper Hydrangea7. Paper Hydrangea (via One Young Love)

8 Snowflake Ballerinas

Snowflake Ballerinas8. Snowflake Ballerinas (via deviatsia)

9 Beautiful Tissue Paper Bow

Beautiful Tissue Paper Bow9. Beautiful Tissue Paper Bow: It’s shower and party season! From Mother’s Day to weddings and birthdays, gift giving is in full swing. Pretty up your next present with a stunning homemade bow that’s almost too nice to undo. (via Chatelaine)

10 Ten Commandments Origami

Ten Commandments Origami10. Ten Commandments Origami: This simple paper-folding craft is a fun way to prepare for and celebrate Shavuot, the holiday that commemorates the giving of the Ten Commandments, and by extension the whole Torah. With your help, even a young child can fold and decorate the Tablets. The finished product can stand up on a table or lie flat (via Bible Belt Balabusta)

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