50 Extraordinary Beautiful DIY Paper Decoration Ideas

36 Tissue Wisteria

Tissue Wisteria36. Tissue Wisteria: What tya need? Tissue paper Embroidery needle String Scissors How do I make Tissue Wisteria? Step 1: Fold tissue into rectangle. Step 2: Cut folded tissue into balloon shape, producing multiple petals. Step 3: Repeat with other assorted colors. Step 4: Fold petal lengthwise. Step 5: Twist narrow end. Step 6: Fold twist into petal. Step…Read More (via Honest to Nod)

37 Paper Net Garland

Paper Net Garland37. Paper Net Garland (via Oh Happy Day)

38 Paper Birds

Paper Birds38. Paper Birds: A few months ago I found a beauuuutiful bird cage at a local vintage shop. Im not so keen on animals in cages so a real bird in this cage was out of the question! Which got me brainstorming handmad… (via Clouds of Colour)

39 Paper Flower Topiary

Paper Flower Topiary39. Paper Flower Topiary (via Crafty Wedding)

40 Printable Animal Card

Printable Animal Card40. Printable Animal Card: Valentine’s Day Printable Animal Card with origami hearts. Artwork Copyright by Wita Puspita for Design Is Yay ! (via Design is Yay!)

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