50 Extraordinary Beautiful DIY Paper Decoration Ideas

41 Paper Lily Flower

Paper Lily Flower41. Paper Lily Flower: Learn to make the beautiful origami lily: the most beautiful of the simple origami flowers (via Origami Fun)

42 Paper Sonobe Ball

Paper Sonobe Ball42. Paper Sonobe Ball (via Ludorn)

43 Crepe Paper Flowers

Crepe Paper Flowers43. Crepe Paper Flowers: I recently spotted a sensational bouquet of paper flowers inside my favorite (and the ultimate)boutique for creative inspiration, Castles In The Air. A combination of Mexican paper flowers and those ever so popular tissue paper pom poms, these vibrant and cheerful flowers make perfect ornaments (via honestlyWTF)

44 Paper Doily Wedding Dress

Paper Doily Wedding Dress44. Paper Doily Wedding Dress (via Paper, Paws, etc.)

45 Circuit Ball

Circuit Ball45. Circuit Ball (via Ludorn)

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