50 Extraordinary Beautiful DIY Paper Decoration Ideas

31 Paper Hello Kitty

Paper Hello Kitty31. Paper Hello Kitty (via Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi)

32 Paper Poinsettia From a Cocktail Napkin

Paper Poinsettia From a Cocktail Napkin32. Paper Poinsettia From a Cocktail Napkin: Make this easy gift topper or Christmas decoration from a simple paper cocktail napkin. These are perfect for easy holiday decorations. (via Lia Griffith)

33 Galaxy of Origami Stars

Galaxy of Origami Stars33. Galaxy of Origami Stars (via bloomize)

34 Paper Bow

Paper Bow34. Paper Bow (via madpimp.com)

35 Festive Garland

Festive Garland35. Festive Garland (via Designlovefest)

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