50 Fabulous Kids Toys You Can Make Yourself

46 Felt Doctor’s Play Set

Felt Doctor's Play Set46. Felt Doctor’s Play Set (via Sew Can Do)

47 Name Stamp

Name Stamp47. Name Stamp: As suspected, Miss G is enjoying her 6-in-1 shape stamp so much that we decided to make another homemade stamp, this time focusing on the letters of her name. Similarly to last time, Gracen selected the colours and told me the letters of her name while I drew them free hand onto foam squares. If (via Mama.Papa.Bubba)

48 Lolly Stick In-Out Toy

Lolly Stick In-Out Toy48. Lolly Stick In-Out Toy: Use recycled materials to create 4 homemade toys for babies and toddlers! They are simple to make, cost very little to put together and are great for promoting fine and gross motor skills, concentration, curiosity and cause and effect, amongst other benefits. (via The Imagination Tree)

49 Tag Blanket

Tag Blanket49. Tag Blanket: A step by step tutorial for how to make a tag blanket, complete with lots of pictures! (via Crafts on Sea)

50 Glamorous Hobby Horse

Glamorous Hobby Horse50. Glamorous Hobby Horse (via Attempting Aloha)

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