50 Fabulous Kids Toys You Can Make Yourself

41 Dress-up Headquarters

Dress-up Headquarters41. Dress-up Headquarters (via A Turtle’s Life for Me)

42 Toy Laptop

Toy Laptop42. Toy Laptop: Tweet My son always wants to play with my laptop- and if he gets to it before I do he inevitably does something that I never knew how to do. Did you know sticky notes change color? I saved a Continue reading (via Monzanita’s)

43 Baby Soft Block

Baby Soft Block43. Baby Soft Block (via zaaberry)

44 Hopscotch Mat

Hopscotch Mat44. Hopscotch Mat: This originally posted at the IDEA ROOM. I was so excited when amy asked me to guest post because the idea room was one of the first blogs that i followed. anyways..I wanted something big.and hot glue and came up with this: (oh..and there are about 100 pictures. i kept emailing amy making sure that […] (via A Girl and a Glue Gun)

45 Fancy Toy Car

Fancy Toy Car45. Fancy Toy Car (via The Boo and The Boy)

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