50 Fabulous Kids Toys You Can Make Yourself

21 Cardboard Slide

Cardboard Slide21. Cardboard Slide (via The Contemplative Creative)

22 Frame Pup Tents

Frame Pup Tents22. Frame Pup Tents (via Lindsay & Drew)

23 Doll House Plans

Doll House Plans23. Doll House Plans (via Sutton Grace)

24 CD Shelf Doll House

CD Shelf Doll House24. CD Shelf Doll House (via Sew She Sews)

25 Under the Sea Cardboard Puppet Theater

Under the Sea Cardboard Puppet Theater25. Under the Sea Cardboard Puppet Theater: Its hard for me to believe that another school year has just ended and summer is here. Finding fun crafts and activities during the summer that keep the kids busy (beyond five minutes) is challenging to say the least. The Continue reading (via The Creativity Exchange)

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