50 Fabulous Kids Toys You Can Make Yourself

16 Paint Can Drum Set

Paint Can Drum Set16. Paint Can Drum Set (via Atelier Rue Verte)

17 Road Rug

Road Rug17. Road Rug: We’ve taken a few long road trips this summer, all of which were ameliorated by that modern-day miracle: the portable dvd player. I’m sure many of you ama (via How Does She?)

18 Handmade City Play Mat

Handmade City Play Mat18. Handmade City Play Mat: If I had to pick a theme to describe the phase of learning my girls are in, it would definitely be imaginative play! As young children, they naturally approach the world in a playful way and its very rewarding to see them learn new things through the act of play. I used to downplay the (via Playful Learning)

19 Tube and Funnel Peg Board

Tube and Funnel Peg Board19. Tube and Funnel Peg Board (via Little Preschool on the Prairie)

20 Cool Workbench

Cool Workbench20. Cool Workbench (via The Frugal Granny)

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