50 Surprisingly Cool Hot Glue Project Tutorials

6 Dragon Egg

Dragon Egg6. Dragon Egg: Everyone loves dragons! You can make this beautiful small dragon egg with a plastic egg, a glue gun and some paint. It simple! (via Our Peaceful Planet)

7 Wood Grain Stamp

Wood Grain Stamp7. Wood Grain Stamp: How to make a wood grain stamp using your hot glue gun (via Jennifer Rizzo)

8 Button Pumpkins

Button Pumpkins8. Button Pumpkins: Fun button pumpkins that can be made in just minutes. Just use buttons and hot glue to create these mini pumpkins perfect for your home decor. (via The Country Chic Cottage)

9 Book Page Flower Wall Decor

Book Page Flower Wall Decor9. Book Page Flower Wall Decor (via Snapguide)

10 Hot Glue Painting

Hot Glue Painting10. Hot Glue Painting: We just saw some great works of art this weekend and my daughter and I wanted to try some different techniques. This is a monochromatic painting with a 3-D texture. It creates a great looking work of art and is very easy to do. (via Thank Crafts)

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