50 Things You Obviously Want for Your New Home

16 Audio Light Bulb

Audio Light Bulb16. Audio Light Bulb: Wireless, illuminated speakers that install as easily as screwing in a light bulb! (via The Green Head)

17 Glowing Murals

Glowing Murals17. Glowing Murals (via Bogi Fabian)

18 An indoor pool and home theater

An indoor pool and home theater18. An indoor pool and home theater (via imgur)

19 Wi-Fi enabled touchscreen cooktop

 Wi-Fi enabled touchscreen cooktop19. Wi-Fi enabled touchscreen cooktop: Welcome to Whirlpool CES 2015. Learn about our newest appliance innovations, including interactive kitchen and laundry technologies. Explore the latest in innovation today. (via Whirlpool)

20 Floating Fireplace

Floating Fireplace20. Floating Fireplace The most awesome images on the Internet. (via imgur)

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