50 Things You Obviously Want for Your New Home

36 See-through Bathtub

See-through Bathtub36. See-through Bathtub: Stern McCafferty is an architecture and interiors practice with a reputation for designing innovative, responsive and beautiful buildings and interiors. (via Stern McCafferty)

37 Backyard Office

Backyard Office37. Backyard Office: OfficePOD | Changing the way people work and allowing people to work from home. Welcome to the next generation of home working in the workplace. (via OfficePOD)

38 Floating Balcony Pools

Floating Balcony Pools38. Floating Balcony Pools: Cyber architect James Law designed an unbelievable skyscraping residential complex for real estate company Wadhwa Group in Mumbai, India. One of the most outstanding and eye-popping features of the facility includes a series of swimming pools placed within each balcony. These pools appear like floating gelatinous molds extending at the edge of each apartment’s balcony.Known as Aquaria Grande, it’s comprised of two 37-story towers that boast modern and unique architectural design with several high-end amenities. With over 200 apartments, each unit features three-sided natural light which also allows for cross-ventilation. There is an indoor club house that includes a gym and sauna, three levels of vehicle parking space, and a sustainable podium garden. Making eco-friendliness a priority of the towers’ modern design, the structures include energy efficient glass facades to reduce energy consumption. James Law websiteWadhwa Group websitevia [Jay Mug] (via My Modern Met)

39 A Little Better Ladder

A Little Better Ladder39. A Little Better Ladder (via Prof. Bao Haimo, Qiao Song, An Hui, Dai Junnan, Guan Yue, Li Xi, Liu Chunnan, Song Jialin, Zhang Lin, Zhang Zhen)

40 Swing Table

Swing Table40. Swing Table (via Savvy Housekeeping)

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