50 Things You Obviously Want for Your New Home

41 Dough Gazebo

Dough Gazebo41. Dough Gazebo (via Marijana Dzambo)

42 Staircase Floating Above the Ground

Staircase Floating Above the Ground42. Staircase Floating Above the Ground: Haptic designed the Idunsgate apartment in Oslo. To enhance the idea of space, it added a suspended staircase floating above the ground floor. (via Freshome)

43 Glass Tile Bathroom

Glass Tile Bathroom43. Glass Tile Bathroom: Designer Glass Tiles by Susan Jablon (via Susan Jablon)

44 Creek That Runs Through Your Hallway

Creek That Runs Through Your Hallway44. Creek That Runs Through Your Hallway: TimberHomeLiving Your Guide to Timber Frame Homes. Here you will find a wealth of information to help you research your dream home. (via Timber Home Living)

45 Great double split stair

Great double split stair45. Great double split stair (via Southgate Residential)

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