50 Things You Obviously Want for Your New Home

31 Aquarium Bed

Aquarium Bed31. Aquarium Bed: Acrylic Tank Manufacturing of Las Vegas, Nevada, Home of the Hit TV Show TANKED only on Animal Planet, makers of custom Acrylic Aquariums, Pool Panels, Water Features and Exhibits. Acrylic Aquariums for residential and commercial use. (via Acrylic Aquariums)

32 Swing Set Table

Swing Set Table32. Swing Set Table: This innovative table with swaying seats puts an end to boring meetings and meal times. (via psfk)

33 Beach Sand Under Your Work Desk

Beach Sand Under Your Work Desk33. Beach Sand Under Your Work Desk (via Justin Kemp)

34 Flat F.M

Flat F.M34. Flat F.M: cole is an Architecture studio led by Nicolas Simon & Max Turnheim. cole is based in Paris. | http://www.ecole.co/projects/flat-fm/ (via École)

35 M Lofts

M Lofts35. M Lofts (via nC2 architecture)

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