50 Things You Obviously Want for Your New Home

46 Built-In TV for the Bathtub

Built-In TV for the Bathtub46. Built-In TV for the Bathtub: Bathtubs have certainly come a long way, from the mundane ceramic piece of bathroom fixture to the hi-tech bathtubs with the latest innovations incorporated into it for a relaxed and energized expe… (via Designbuzz)

47 Glass Fireplace

Glass Fireplace47. Glass Fireplace (via Bloch Design)

48 Loft Hammock

Loft Hammock48. Loft Hammock: The most awesome images on the Internet. (via imgur)

49 A Huge Round Bedroom Window

A Huge Round Bedroom Window49. A Huge Round Bedroom Window: We admit it; some of us at Remodelista toss and turn at night (and even find ourselves on Pinterest at 3amMichelle, are you reading this?). So when our friend Jackie Ashton, an SF-based writer, yoga teacher, and mindfulness practitioner who is passionate about the intersection of design and well-being, offered to share her secrets on getting a good night’s sleep, we leapt at the chance to hear her thoughts. (via Remodelista)

50 Inception door

Inception door50. Inception door: Armin Blasbichler Studio is a practice committed to exploring imbrications of manufactured contemporary environments. (via Armin Blasbichler Studio)

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