35 Awesome Gadget Cases You Can Easily DIY with Tutorials

31 Little Monster Phone Case

Little Monster Phone Case31. Little Monster Phone Case: Mobile Casey and Stripy Jack are mobile phone cases or jackets. I initially made Casey (right) as a birthday present for Mike. I worked on him on the subway and on my lunch break at work so Mike wo (via Genuine Mudpie)

32 Rainbow Polka Dot Phone Case

Rainbow Polka Dot Phone Case32. Rainbow Polka Dot Phone Case (via Beauty and the Beard)

33 Felt Phone Sleeve

Felt Phone Sleeve33. Felt Phone Sleeve (via Omiyage Blogs)

34 Needlepoint Phone Case

Needlepoint Phone Case34. Needlepoint Phone Case: September is always teeming with gifts to give: another cousin headed off to college, a friend to thank for watering my cactus while I’ve been away, a birthday to celebrate in a family strangely full of autumn birthdays. I always want to give each and every one of these people a thoughtful handmade token, but with so many gifts to make, time is certainly of the essence! So with efficiency in mind, I used Leese Design’s iPhone Cases to stitch up this classic pair of Needlepoint iPhone Cases. They make the perfect last minute gift that college-bound cousins and little brothers will love just as much as that cactus-care taking friend! (via Purl Soho)

35 Cross-Stitch Phone Case

Cross-Stitch Phone Case35. Cross-Stitch Phone Case: Do you love this post? Please share with your friends and followers. Thanks so much!!!Today’s post isn’t all lovey… keep reading! (via Dream a Little Bigger)

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