35 Awesome Gadget Cases You Can Easily DIY with Tutorials

21 Felt Cases

Felt Cases21. Felt Cases: We are so excited to announce that both of Joelle Hoverson’s Last Minute Knitted Gifts books have become available in ebook form! Additionally the folks behind Joelle’s books, Open Road Media and STC Craft Melanie Falick Books, have released a whole library of great crafting books in the e-book format including: Knita long by Larissa Brown and Martin John Brown Knitting for Peace by Betty Christiansen A Knitter’s Home Companion by Michelle Edwards Weekend Knitting by Melanie Falick Knit speak by Andrea Berman Price One More Skein by Leigh Radford Check out Open Road Media’s (via Purl Soho)

22 Leather Laptop Case

Leather Laptop Case22. Leather Laptop Case (via Sincerely, Kinsey)

23 Quick Leather Laptop Case

Quick Leather Laptop Case23. Quick Leather Laptop Case (via Oh Happy Day)

24 Upcycled Denim Phone Case

Upcycled Denim Phone Case24. Upcycled Denim Phone Case: This got featured on Gizmodo !! Click here to see it Over the summer holidays i’ve been doing a lot of stuff, and like a real man, i wore jeans. However the things i do are so awesome the jeans couldn’t take it any more and big holes appeared at the knees.Usually this would be fine and i would just keep wearing them, but for some bizarre reason all the silly kids think its cool to wear pre-ripped jeans, so not wanting to look like lesser men i went out and bought some new man-jeans. So i decided to put my old jeans to a good use and make an iPod case, i wanted to keep the coolest part about jeans which is the leather label on the waistband. Now like most guys i don’t know a whole lot about needles and sewing so i decided the easiest way to make … (via =SMART=)

25 Tablet Sleeve Case

Tablet Sleeve Case25. Tablet Sleeve Case: As I sit here writing this post Ive got a laptop next to me so that I can watch my favorite show on it while I type my post on my desktop and my husband can borrow my iPad, but someone might (via Crazy Little Projects)

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