35 Awesome Gadget Cases You Can Easily DIY with Tutorials

11 Cross Stitch Phone Case

Cross Stitch Phone Case11. Cross Stitch Phone Case: I freely admit to being one of those people who stands on the street corner with my iPhone, checking emails, looking for the closest Chinese restaurant, and calling my mom… all at the same time. But as a crafter and general lover of all things homey and handmade, Ive longed to somehow make this sleek plastic piece of technology fit into my aesthetic worldview a little better. So, when the Leese Design Cross Stitch iPhone Case arrived at Purl Soho I could feel my crafty fingers just itching to give it a try. I couldn’t decide if I wanted a modern, punchy and fun design, like the iPhone’s , or if I’d prefer an ironic twist, juxtaposing four year-old technology with centuries-old craft. So, I made two! The Bird in a Tree version of the iPhone case, features a pattern from Caroline Vincents Sampler Workbook: Motifs & Patterns, an expansive collection of cross-stitch themes from the 17th through 19th centuries. The historical Autumn Tree Pattern is a classic design with a fresh and modern edge. I worked this pattern in Sajou’s Retors du Nord, a lovely collection of 4-ply embroidery floss. Sajou uses vintage reproduction thread cards to wind their floss, so it felt totally natural to use their beautiful Retors du Nord for this traditional pattern. For the striped design, I turned to the classic 6-ply DMC embroidery floss. With hundreds of colors in the DMC spectrum, including fluorescents, narrowing them down to twelve was both a pleasure and a challenge. I loved experimenting with different size stripes, mixing and matching the order of the colors to create both subtle shifts and sharp contrasts. Freeform cross-stitch is rare, so it was fun to design a project where I could really indulgemy creative whims! (via Purl Soho)

12 Owl Phone Cozy

Owl Phone Cozy12. Owl Phone Cozy: I love how quick and easy iPod cozies are to make! I also love how most people don’t notice the owl. (via Kayleen Grage)

13 Dollar Store Tablet Case

Dollar Store Tablet Case13. Dollar Store Tablet Case: This DIY iPad case started as a $1 find from the dollar store! I then decoupaged a leftover fabric scrap to the outside, turning it into a custom case. (via Mod Podge Rocks)

14 Totoro Laptop Bag

Totoro Laptop Bag14. Totoro Laptop Bag (via The Singing Sunflower)

15 Book Laptop Case

Book Laptop Case15. Book Laptop Case: Make an original laptop covering using a discarded hardcover book and a long zipper found at any Dollar Store, you might even have all the materials at home already! I created a book-styled cover for my small netbook and turned my boring computer into a netbookbook! After seeing ChrysN’s Wood Kindle Case I wondered if I could make a fun cover for my small netbook. I’ve already made a laptop tripod which allows me to use my computer when I’m moving around in one area, but I wanted something to cover my netbook when I’m not in the Lab or when I’m out having a coffee. I found this vintage hardcover book with a bear attacking frontiersman, perfect for my netbookbook. This tidy cover can cleverly conceal your netbook to look like any other book in your library, here’s a short video showing the cover in action: I know you … (via mikeasaurus)

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