35 Awesome Gadget Cases You Can Easily DIY with Tutorials

26 Etch-a-Sketch Tablet Cover

Etch-a-Sketch Tablet Cover26. Etch-a-Sketch Tablet Cover (via Being Inspired)

27 Easy Phone Sleeve

Easy Phone Sleeve27. Easy Phone Sleeve: **UPDATE 10/31/12 Welcome to all the new visitors finding their way here from some of the holiday tutorial roundups! When you are making this, please keep in mind that if you or your intended gift (via Dog Under My Desk)

28 Phone Wallet

Phone Wallet28. Phone Wallet (via My 3 Monsters)

29 Sew Phone Case

Sew Phone Case29. Sew Phone Case (via Not JUST a Housewife)

30 Custom Laptop Bag

Custom Laptop Bag30. Custom Laptop Bag: Free DIY Padded Laptop Bag Tutorial. Click for full pattern, images, and instructions. (via Craft Habit)

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