50 Creative Pumpkin Crafts You Can Easily Make

1 Felt Pumpkin Face

Felt Pumpkin Face1. Felt Pumpkin Face: Felt Pumpkin Faces and Kid s Co-op I recently bought this sturdy felt pumpkin decoration while shopping. I knew that it would work great as a decoration and I was sure we could use it for some type of craft as well. (via 2 Big, 2 Little)

2 Jellybean Pumpkins

Jellybean Pumpkins2. Jellybean Pumpkins (via Pikadilly Charm)

3 Book Page and Twine Pumpkins

Book Page and Twine Pumpkins3. Book Page and Twine Pumpkins: A tutorial on how to make mod podge book page and twine pumpkins using dollar store pumpkins. (via The Southern Institute)

4 Pumpkin Jar Luminaries

Pumpkin Jar Luminaries4. Pumpkin Jar Luminaries (via Let’s Go Fly a Kite)

5 Paver Pumpkins

Paver Pumpkins5. Paver Pumpkins (via Night Owl Crafting)

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