50 Creative DIY Gift Ideas Using Leftover Yarn

6 Napkin Ring

Napkin Ring6. Napkin Ring: How to make a quick and easy crochet napkin ring that will make a pretty addition to any eating event. (via Cherry Heart)

7 Crochet Water Bottle Holders

Crochet Water Bottle Holders7. Crochet Water Bottle Holders (via Little House in Colorado)

8 Knitted Pyramid Sachet

Knitted Pyramid Sachet8. Knitted Pyramid Sachet (via STC Craft)

9 Nice Knobs

Nice Knobs9. Nice Knobs (via Pickles)

10 Crocheted Hangers

Crocheted Hangers10. Crocheted Hangers: Hi! I’m Karen M. Andersen – welcome to my tutorial on how to make crocheted covers for your clothes hangers! I learnt to crochet around 6 months ago and, with Summer coming on here in Australia meaning it is way too hot to crochet blankets, I was on the lookout for a crochet project that was easy, fun, colorful, functional, and quick to make up. After seeing so many pretty hangers online, I decided to try my hand at making up some crocheted covers for the many old wooden clothes hangers hanging in my wardrobe. I quickly became obsessed with making them and putting my modern-vintage take on an old favorite. I love the instant gratification that making them brings too, not to mention the way that they protect my much-loved clothes from shoulder damage and stop them from slipping off their hangers. Realizing that there are many of you… (via Karen M Andersen)

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