50 Creative DIY Gift Ideas Using Leftover Yarn

36 Spider and Web

Spider and Web36. Spider and Web (via Yana Knits)

37 Catnip Bunny

Catnip Bunny37. Catnip Bunny: A rainbow of bunnies, filled with catnip to treat your kitty at Easter. Pattern has only the tiniest amount of seaming on the ears, otherwise its seam free and knitting on two needles. (via Selina Kyle)

38 Christmas Ball Ornaments

Christmas Ball Ornaments38. Christmas Ball Ornaments (via ingthings)

39 Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon39. Hot Air Balloon: Amigurumipatterns has the biggest collection of amigurumi patterns. Click and discover Hot Air Balloon amigurumi pattern. (via Amigurumipatterns.net)

40 Dishcloths

Dishcloths40. Dishcloths (via Little Home by Hand)

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