50 Creative DIY Gift Ideas Using Leftover Yarn

26 Party Garland

Party Garland26. Party Garland (via Garnasinne)

27 Kool Aid Popsicle Dyeing

Kool Aid Popsicle Dyeing27. Kool Aid Popsicle Dyeing (via Maiya knits. Mayhem ensues.)

28 Animal Pom Poms

Animal Pom Poms28. Animal Pom Poms (via Mr. Printables)

29 Crochet Covered Rocks

Crochet Covered Rocks29. Crochet Covered Rocks: This was Bronwyn’s Crochet Covered Patchwork River Rock by StitchHappens7 who no longer sells items on Etsy. Look at other crochet-covered rocks here. (via Crochet Concupiscence)

30 Crochet Ring

Crochet Ring30. Crochet Ring: This little Crochet Ring Pattern takes less than an hour to make, and it adds the perfect crafty touch to any outfit. Crochet jewelry patterns make the perfect accessory for women of all ages, and this crochet ring is perfect for using up yarn. (via Fave Crafts)

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